We are very honored and pleased to announce that this month marks the one-year anniversary of when GovRight was officially founded. The past year has been filled with many successes, challenges and learning experiences. Along the way we have built a great global team. We have also been extremely fortunate to have worked with a lot of very talented people around the world dedicated to the vision of bridging the gap between citizens and government.

During the past year, GovRight has launched Legislation Lab, spent time embedded at Cornell University as well as RMIT University in Australia and embarked on several grant-funded projects connected to our expertise in legislative reform. Our work has touched more than 10 countries and has been showcased in environments from Somalia to Chile and all the way to the United Nations. We are truthfully quite happy with what we have accomplished.

We enter into our second year at GovRight with a wealth of experience under our belt, and we intend to leverage this experience to innovate and to grow. We are in the process of improving the Legislation Lab interface as well as envisioning a successor platform that takes what we learned from that product, improves on it, and applies it to a broader market.

Our core objectives for the new year are to design technology solutions that enable meaningful, measurable participation and feedback across multiple disciplines. We expect to apply and improve upon what we have learned from working with complex content like legislation such as the struggle with understanding complex content, the need to carefully guide participants through the process and the need to extract more specific feedback than up/down voting and comments, etc.

Our entire GovRight team is very grateful to be celebrating our anniversary as well as very excited to be developing an even more dynamic future that supports our passion for more inclusive, informed and involved societies.

On behalf of Tarik Nesh-Nash, Heath Morrison Zineb Mahrez, Victor Miletsky, Wail Tazi, Anzhela Petrovska (our employee of the year!), Andrew Marino, Anas Karmoun and Mohcine Abad THANK YOU very much to all our friends and partners around the world.