Join La Constitución de Todos to debate the Chilean Constitution!

La Constitucion De Todos

Today, we are excited to be launching La Constitución de Todos with our local partner CEHUM to engage Chilean citizens on the constitutional building process using

La Constitución de Todos is an independent citizen initiative that aims to raise awareness and promote public dialogue about the Chilean constitution. Via Legislation Lab, citizens can vote, comment and propose changes to each article of the current constitution online. Statistical analysis of the results are published in real time to reflect the general trends.

The new president, Michelle Bachelet, recently announced that come September 2015 she will start a large, open consultation to draft a new constitution. La Constitución de Todos is using the current 1980 constitution as a basis for feedback about what needs to be changed. The findings of this online dialogue will be reflected in a report that will be shared with different stakeholders and submitted as part of the president’s consultation process..

It is worth noting that this project started as an idea back at the Poplus conference in Santiago, Chile in April 2014. Poplus is an open federation of people and organisations from many different countries with a mission to share knowledge and technology that can help citizens empower themselves. La Constitucion De Todos is an example of the knowledge transfer of the constitutional crowdsourcing from Morocco to Chile.


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