We are very pleased to announce that Govright CEO, Tarik Nesh-Nash, has been invited to participate in the ninth annual Harvard Arab Weekend (HAW). The event will take place from November 5th through the 8th on the beautiful Harvard campus. This prestigious gathering has been recognized by the White House as “the premier Arab world conference” in North America. Attendees will include some of the brightest visionaries, innovators and technologists working on a wealth of projects throughout the Arab world. The program schedule includes keynote addresses, business day panels, networking and startup pitches.

Building Bridges is the theme for this year’s conference. We expect to hear thought-provoking and stimulating ideas on a broad range of topics. This event is viewed as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the region’s rich history and its promising future. Yet, this event will also be a call to action to discuss, debate and try to solve some of the region’s predicaments that have been caused or compounded by disconnections within Arab societies and discord among many Arab governments. The conference will be divided into six segments.

Tarik (via Skype) will participate in the Activism: Empowerment through Connection segment scheduled for Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. This session will include a panel discussion to be followed by an interactive session. Tarik will help answer such questions as whether technology can help transform governance in the same ways that it has business and the way we socialize and if technology can help deliver the revolution. The session will also address how advances in technology offer an opportunity to bring the disenfranchised and powerless into the democratic process and how to use technology to help build more collaborative, inclusive and egalitarian societies.

Tarik and GovRight are very honored to take part in this esteemed conference.